Wednesday, March 10, 2004

UN: "10 years or more" in Haiti

Skimming the Washington Post and NYTimes, I couldn't find the following comment made in Canada by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on a long-term commitment to Haiti, probably because he was answering a Canadian reporter's question in French:

"I believe we certainly want to avoid errors that were made in the past, and we want to work very closely with Haitians to ensure that the country will be able to move ahead, that the money that is given to it will be used properly. The international community will remain involved and with them. As of today we want to put Haiti and the needs of Haitians at the very centre of what we were doing. We've had programs in the past, but I do believe there are lessons to be drawn from the past. We can look to the future. I'm persuaded that we will be able to make progress, but that does take time. That will take time, a lot of time. It is not one year or two, it will take much more time. It could be ten years or more. One must have patience."

It's worth keeping tabs on Haiti through the UN News Centre's special website.

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