Sunday, March 14, 2004

Problems at migration

I just received this email, which suggests that government migration authorities seem to be indiscriminately blocking the entry of foreigners:

We have a group from Arizona State University currently being held by the Salvadoran authorities. They arrived at 7:00 pm (last night) and were met by the immigration authorities who denied them entry. We have been unable to communicate with them, but we do know they are being held inside of the airport.

ASU has no political agenda and no plan to observe or attend the elections. Their trip is being facilitated by the Newman Center Catholic Community. The delegation of students is led by Father Fred Lucci OP.

The purpose of their trip is to share seven days with the youth of Guarjila. Their schedule includes prayer, the daily celebration of the Eucharist, hiking, hockey (yes, hockey...guarjila is a hockey town) and softball (afterall it is pre-season).

The week is also part pilgimage with visits to the holy places of El Salvador; Romero...the grave of the Maryknoll martyrs...the Jesuit University...etc...

They will also be teaching English in our school and will participate in a cultural night which will feature our rock band and "wild" dancing with the indigenous youth. They are scheduled to fly out early on the morning of the elections.

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