Monday, March 22, 2004

Conservative Central America...

Manuel Orozco of Georgetown University responds to my previous post:

"...I do agree with all you say, what I would add to that is one issue. The election reflects an issue we are reluctant to recognize: Central Americans are fairly conservative people, ideologically and behaviorally, and their support to ARENA illustrates it. The victory wasn't simply about uncertainty, but also about a conservative ideology that permeates in people's minds. From a regional perspective, I do think another important factor to consider is that being conservative doesn't render them anti-democratic. Both the rejections of Handal and Rios-Montt are important considerations about a decision to do away with traditional caudillos. We will see the rejection of Hipolito Mejía in May as another example. I think this will also be an important test in the Nicaraguan elections, as well as to Panama's."

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