Saturday, March 20, 2004

Orwellian immigration logic

Consider the logical consequences of these assertions, made by Republican congressmen Dana Rohrbacher, Dan Burton, and Thomas Tancredo as well as the ARENA party:

Assertion: If the FMLN wins, the U.S. will have to re-examine its relationship with the new Salvadoran government--TPS could be revoked, remittances will thus decline, and the country will go downhill fast.

Assertion: If the FMLN wins, a communist system will be set up in El Salvador--it will become another Cuba.

Fact: The U.S. gives far greater benefits to immigrants from communist countries like Cuba than they have ever given to El Salvador, even during the worst days of the war.

Lesson learned: If you're a Salvadoran and want to migrate north (and half of all Salvadorans consistently tell pollsters they'd jump at the chance), it's smarter to vote for the FMLN than ARENA.

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