Friday, March 19, 2004

A slight correction

Note that I often tinker with my posts after the fact, replacing commas here, fiddling with words there, since I assume that I'm the only one who looks at this on a daily basis and would like to tidy up my posts for my own personal posterity.

However, in a recent case, I may have slightly overplayed my rant when I suggested earlier that EDH misrepresented the "migration committee" headed by Rep. Tancredo, so a correction is warranted. The paper noted that "el comité que preside avala o rechaza cualquier ley migratoria antes de presentarse al pleno legislativo." I translated that to mean that "the committee (sic) he presides approves or rejects" migration laws.... In fact, the Spanish infinitive verb "avalar" actually is more correctly translated as "to endorse."

So perhaps, technically, EDH didn't get it wrong. But given this revised translation, then just about anyone qualifies as being able to "endorse or reject" migration bills (or any other ones, for that matter) that pass through Congress.

The bottom line is that one of the major points of the piece is to say that Tancredo is "influential," that his committee is "powerful", and therefore Salvadorans should listen to what he says--all of which gives an entirely misleading portrayal of his influence.

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