Monday, August 23, 2004

Why is Al Qaeda recruiting Hondurans?

Last Friday's AP report that Latin American's were on the lookout for Al Qaeda is followed up today by an AP report from Honduras that it had

Honduras tightened security at foreign embassies and declared a national terror alert after receiving information that Al Qaeda was trying to recruit Hondurans to attack embassies of the United States, Britain, Spain, and El Salvador, a government official said yesterday.

The heightened security was instituted Thursday, after Honduras's intelligence services received reports of a plan allegedly targeting those countries' embassies here and abroad, Security Minister Oscar Alvarez said.

"We are facing a state of preventative national alert because our intelligence services report that Al Qaeda foreigners have made offers for Hondurans to carry out sabotage both here and abroad," Alvarez said.

Mr. Álvarez said he believed that the plot was linked to the war in Iraq, but it was unclear why Spain would be a target if that were the case because it pulled its troops out of Iraq earlier this year.

It's also very unclear why Al Qaeda thinks they have such a good applicant pool in Honduras?

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