Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC talk

New Donkey, a new political blog at the Democratic Leadership Council site, brilliantly summarizes the first night of the Republican National Convention:
There was a kind of rough logic to the McCain and Guiliani [sic] speeches, however. These guys basically disagree with Bush on just about everything other than his decision to invade Iraq. So in order to make the case for his re-election, they had to pretend that's the only issue that really matters. Never mind that about half the delegates they were addressing think abortion or gay marriage is the only issue that matters, while the other half get up in the morning determined to abolish the income tax and destroy the federal government. I'm beginning to think that Bush's main political asset is to serve as the empty vessel for other people's obsessions.
The mispelling of Giuliani notwithstanding, this commentator is worth keeping an eye on.

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