Monday, August 16, 2004

Carter/OAS confirm Chavez victory

"We have found the information from the quick count was almost exactly the same as that presented" by the electoral authorities, Mr. Carter said. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has monitored elections in 50 counties. He added that "all Venezuelans should accept the results of the CNE," the electoral body, "unless there is tangible proof that the reports are incorrect."
-- New York Times story posted at 4:27 PM ET this afternoon

So, this statement by Carter and the OAS (Secretary General Gaviria participated in a joint press conference where the above statement was made) should calm the waters that the opposition continues to try to stir up. The Times reports that the main opposition continues to claim there's been a "gigantic fraud," but they're not likely to find a sympathetic ear, anywhere.

Speaking of paranoid fanatics, however, the NED-supported group Sumate also came up with results similar to those of the electoral authorities and international observers.

Which begs the question: were those who claimed NED was out to influence the referendum simply wrong about U.S. intentions?

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