Wednesday, January 12, 2005

International bounty hunters

Some interesting news from the BBC out of Colombia. Is sovereignty an issue here (not that sovereignty matters much to me personally)? Either way, more than the U.S. can play the outsourcing game, I guess:

An admission by a Colombian minister that bounty hunters were paid to snatch a rebel leader from Venezuela threatens to escalate a row between the nations.

Tensions have been high since Rodrigo Granda was captured in December, with Venezuela insisting he was illegally kidnapped in its capital, Caracas.

For weeks, Colombian Defence Minister Jorge Alberto Aribe denied the claims. But he has now admitted security forces did pay for the senior Farc rebel to be seized in Caracas.

Mr Granda is described as the unofficial foreign minister for the Farc, or evolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - the country's main leftist rebel group.

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