Monday, November 29, 2004

About that Quito conference

I'm still not up for much analysis, but check out Jim Lobe's piece on the hemisphere-wide defense minister's meeting a couple of weeks ago in Quito. He notes some worrisome viewpoints from Rumsfeld (human rights shouldn't be a concern in fighting terrorism, the police/military distinction is decreasingly useful), but criticizes US press coverage --or lack thereof-- at the same time. WOLA also has a good memo laying out some of the issues that were at stake.

One thing only a couple of press outlets picked up was how the U.S. didn't actually dominate the meeting, with their security view challenged by Brazil and most of South America. On a similar note, Larry Rohter had an excellent piece in the New York Times quite a few days ago about increasing Chinese economic influence in Latin America, which of course also means decreased U.S. influence.

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