Monday, September 06, 2004

Walmart, and Starbucks

First Starbucks, now Wal-Mart. Just 2 kilometers from the heart of Teotihuacan.

Speaking of which, Starbucks rolled out its latest coffee from its Black Apron Exclusive series, and it's from El Salvador:
The Black Apron Exclusives™ line of coffee is named for Starbucks most knowledgeable buyers, roasters, tasters and Coffee Masters, who wear a black apron in the tasting rooms and in Starbucks coffeehouses. The first Black Apron Exclusives™ coffees were 100% Kona (introduced April 23, 2004) and Ethiopia Harrar (June 30, 2004).
If it means anything to you, the Salvadoran coffee is "Pacamara," a hybrid coffee variety combining the Paca and Maragogipe varieties. The Paca variety of coffee is a descendant of the Bourbon variety....

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