Saturday, September 18, 2004

Advocate for children in Central America fired

Ever since I can remember -- which is to say, ever since I got involved in human rights work -- Bruce Harris has been around advocating for the rights of children in Central America. Harris, a U.K. citizen, was awarded the Order of the British Empire medal in 2000 for his work.

Now comes news from the BBC that he's been fired: "Covenant House has dismissed Mr Harris because he recently paid a 19-year-old Honduran boy for sexual favours in a Tegucigalpa motel." The boy had been a resident in one of their shelters.

Harris' comment: "Sheltering behind a lie has never been my way, so I assume, as I always have done, responsibility for my acts, correct or incorrect." Apparently Honduran prosecutors are investigating, and he is cooperating.

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