Sunday, June 06, 2004

NCR--Latin America: Search for a future

Paul Jeffrey, a Methodist missionary-cum-stellar-journalist for two decades now in Central America (based in Honduras), and Barb Fraser, freelancer from Peru, have launched a rich 10-part series on Latin America for the National Catholic Reporter, entitled "Latin America: Search for a future."

The first two articles are already out, and the others are yet to come. Given the paucity of popular coverage of Latin America these days, this series is indeed a welcome event. It's also something of a swan song for Paul, as he moves this summer to Portland, Oregon, leaving behind an impressive opus. Perhaps a book is in order?

PART 1: Introduction: Power or credibility?
PART 2: Economics: Little relief in sight for poverty, debt and unemployment
PART 3: Development: Lasting change by helping the poor without paternalism
PART 4: Immigration: Opportunity and challenge for Latin America's poor
PART 5: Reconciliation from the grass roots up
PART 6: Indigenous people: Fighting for rights after centuries of discrimination
PART 7: Women In Latin America: The gender gap kills
PART 8: Children: Poverty cuts children’s chances for a future; interview with the Bishop of the Gangs
PART 9: Church: Despite crisis, Latin America's grass-roots communities remain strong model for effective church
PART 10: Solidarity: Church groups find countless ways to put faith into action

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