Monday, May 10, 2004

Darby: You can't go home again

Young Joseph Darby, a car mechanic from the 372nd Military Police Company who is responsible for bring to light the photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse, needs a job.

Newsday reported yesterday that, in nearby Cumberland, Md., where many of the 372nd members live, Darby is now a controversial figure. "Darby's going to be shunned," said Tanya Vargas, 29, a former weekend reservist with the 372nd. "He's going to be blackballed. His life is in jeopardy, because he's a snitch. I hope they have protection for him." The same Newsday piece interviews military police who'd served in Iraq, who claim that they'd warned superiors about problems going back to April 2003.

There's also a feature on Darby on Friday's All Things Considered, which notes that one Vietnam veteran from Cumberland said that, in Vietnam, if someone had snitched like that, he wouldn't have come home alive.


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