Saturday, May 01, 2004

The troubles this week

I haven't sat down yet to analyze the takeover of the Cathedral, and subsequent street chaos and arrests, this week by the STISS--apparently done to protest the firing of health sector workers in contravention of a union-government agreement last year--but I do have a few initial reactions.

For the few people with whom I've spoken, the ends simply do not seem to justify the means. These militant tactics don't have the popular appeal they might have had, say, 20 years ago, and if anyone thinks they do... well, they might do well to start talking to their neighbors.

You can click here to get a sense of some of the images of the week (go down and click on "Una tarde de violencia.") If you want the FMLN response, which refers to the "neofascist government" of ARENA, issued in time for the May 1st celebration of labor day, click here: fmlnmay1.doc

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