Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Letter to the editor

This is a letter I sent last night to the New York Times...

"I respect John F. Burns' reporting, but why does he only comment on the number of American military dead last week (60), and then end his April 13 story by noting Iraqi casualties as 10 times higher?

Surely, Maj. Gen. Kimmitt (cited for the 10x figure) is NOT including civilian casualties here, because if that is the case, it shouldn't be juxtaposed against the number of American military dead.

So why not talk about all coalition deaths (Italian, Salvadoran, Ukranian, etc.), including private security forces like Blackwater, and WHY NOT talk about Iraqi civilian casualties--with at least some kind of rough estimate? Only this would give us an example of the full cost of the bloodiest week of the past year in Iraq."

San Salvador

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